Claiming Additional Rights Associated With Your Work:

Songrite Arms

Normally, each individual song, recording, set of lyrics etc., is considered a separate work and requires a separate application and fee. However when registering your work with Songrite we include the registration of all additional rights as set out below.

    1. The Music / Melody:
    2. The lyrics:
    3. The Arrangements:
    4. The Production:
    5. The Performance:
    6. The Artwork: (On the sleeve or album cover or CD)
    7. The registration of your Band or Stage name is also included.

    All of these collective copyrights are included and are verified in your registration documents.

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The Copyright Office is not responsible for policing, or checking on registered works and their use, and cannot guarantee that the legitimacy of ownership or originality in a work registered by Songrite will never be questioned.

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